Joint BSC-CRG-IRB Programme2015

The Joint Programme is composed by 10 research groups and 3 platforms. Prof. Modesto Orozco is the director of the program and the Principal Investigator of the IRB group Molecular Modeling and Bioinformatics (MMB). There are two more Principal Investigators from the IRB that are part of this program: the ICREA Professors Dr. Patrick Aloy, leading the Structural Bioinformatics & Network Biology group (SBNB) and Dr. Xavier Salvatella leading the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics (LMB). The IRB also contributes to the program hosting the Experimental Bioinformatics Laboratory (EBL), lead by Dr. Montse Soler. Other groups are from the Life Sciences department of the BSC. These groups are the Electronic and Atomic Protein Modeling group (EAPM), lead by ICREA Professor Dr. Victor Guallar, the Computational Genomics group (CG) lead by ICREA Professor Dr. David Torrents and the Protein Interactions and Docking group (PID) lead by Dr. Juan Fernández Recio. The second platform that supports the research activities of the program is the Computational Node of the National Institute of Bioinformatics (BSC-INB-CN) that is managed by Dr. Josep Lluís Gelpí. Dr. Ramon Goñi manages the Business Development platform.


Dr. Roderic Guigó, Group Leader, CRG
Dr. Cedric Notredame, Group Leader, CRG
Dr. Yogi Jaeger, Group Leader, CRG
Dr. Gian Gaetano Tartaglia, Group Leader, CRG